Take a Bike Tour!

The next time you’re in a new city (or revisiting an old favorite), consider taking a city bike tour.  Why?

  • You’ll see more in a couple of hours than you could all day on foot, and have more fun.
  • You might meet some new, like minded friends.
  • Many tours stop for a snack and tasty liquid refreshments.
  • Your tour guide will be a valuable source of local tips, haunts, and hidden treasures.
  • It’s green.  Wouldn’t you rather be slowly cruising through town on a comfortable cruiser bike than stuffed into a tour bus with 60 people?
  • Fresh air and just a little exercise.
  • It’s fun!

And be sure to head to the blog for the latest news in #citybiketours including all the latest one-off tours in your town.

BeenThereBikeTours is here to help you find a city bike tour.