About Bikabout

We’ve been noticing Bikabout for a few months now and really like what they’re doing.  In a nutshell, they provide suggested city rides (many provided by local “Ambassadors”), lodging, bike rental directories, and transport information (with and without bikes).

Bikabout thinks:

…the best way to see any city is on a bike…Seeing a city by bike combines all of the freedom of walking with the range and speed of mass transit. Seeing a city by bike stacks the cosmic deck of unintended happy consequences in your favor by letting you interact with your environment instead of watching it go by out a window. You meet people. You discover…

and BeenThereBikeTours couldn’t agree more!

Our database listings include both commercial city bike tour operators as well as self-guided tours.  We’ve updated our North America database to include links to several of the Bikabout self-guided tours, focusing on single day tours within a particular city.  We wish Bikabout the best of luck and look forward to more cities coming online!

Oh, and many of their tours involve beer and breweries!  We like that too.