Bike on the Edge of Greatness in Belgrade

“It’s a big city with roughly the same population as Toronto, and walking it would take a week. On a bike, Van der Zijden showed me the meat of it in an afternoon.”

What a GREAT quote!  We love walking a new city nearly as much as biking it.  But that’s a tall order in any medium to large city.  And riding is always more fun and easier on the feet.

Bike Elevator

Bert Archer of the Toronto Star wrote about spending an afternoon with I Bike Belgrade‘s Van der Zijden.  The city is mostly flat, making for an easy ride.  But with the Danube and Sava Rivers meeting in town, there are many bridges.  Belgrade’s making it easy for cyclists by installing bike elevators to get from the river to the bridge.

Be sure to read about all of Belgrade’s cool sites.  And it looks like Bert is planning to take some more city bike tours.  He made:

“a silent promise to myself to see more cities this way.”