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350 and 11 Or So Miles – Houston Mural Ride

Have I mentioned that Mural Rides are a thing now?  This past Sunday, I hopped in the car and drove 175 miles to Houston to ride in Bayou City Outdoors’ Graffiti Ride (we’ll let Columbia University sort out the difference between murals and graffiti for us 😎 ).

BCO is “Houston’s event, adventure, and social club”.  They sponsor a number of cycling oriented events in and around H-town.  This was the second Graffiti Ride, with more likely in the future.

Market Square Park
Market Square Park

Sixty or so riders started at Market Square Park and focused on East Downtown (“EaDo“) and the 2nd Ward/East End districts.  The first mural stop at the Houston Graffiti Building featured a dozen or so murals on several buildings (near the intersection of St. Emanuel and Bell):

houston_mural_ride_3 houston_mural_ride_4 houston_mural_ride_5We rode east from here and made use of two excellent bits of cycling infrastructure, the Columbia Tap and Harrisburg Hike & Bike Trail.  This part of town provided some great cycling conditions (especially on a Sunday) and offered a handful more mural sightings:

houston_mural_ride_6 houston_mural_ride_7 houston_mural_ride_8DCIM100MEDIAWe eventually looped back toward the start, but not before a brief stop for refreshments at the 8th Wonder Brewery.  The ride took right at three hours and was 11 miles or so.  As you can see the weather was nothing short of ideal.  Especially for Houston.

And, another three hours and 175 mile drive later and my day was done.

If you visit Houston and want to see some murals, please check out this amazing guide by Ashley Cardoza, Carrie Colbert, and Maritere Ricee.  Best of all, they included this interactive Google map:

Happy Muraling!

Groceries, Graffiti, and Getting High in Houston

It’s November and the weather is cooling off, a little, in subtropical Houston.  This month brings three #oneoff bike tours worth taking.

First up is the Heights Bicycle Tour, sponsored by the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  Rolling on Nov 12, this ride is only $10.  It’s BYOB or you can grab a Houston Bcycle.

On November 19, Bayou City Outdoors is sponsoring an open-to-the-public bike tour of H-town’s farmer’s markets.  It’s free for both members and non-members.  Again, you’ll need to bring-your-own-bike or use Houston Bcycle.  Note: As of this writing, there are only 23 of 50 reserved spots left. Or, maybe 22, if BTBT decides to make a road trip.

Courtesy: BPPrice (CC BY 2.0)
Courtesy: BPPrice (CC BY 2.0)

Bayou City Outdoors is sponsoring yet another public ride on Sunday, November 20.  The Graffiti Ride starts at Market Square Park in front of Nico Nico’s in downtown Houston.  Also free of charge, this ride currently has a mere 16 slots remaining.  (Hmm, weekend road trip?…make that 15).  This ride also requires bringing one’s own bike, Bcycle, or renting from one of the nearby shops (see article).  Murals, graffiti, and public art are a perfect match for bike tours!


Bike to Beers in San Antonio

Blue Star Bicycling
Blue Star Bicycling

We spent an afternoon in San Antonio earlier this year, riding the Mission Reach Trail.  Looks like it’s time to return to check out SA Current‘s suggested bike tour of local brews.  It’s a DIY ride visiting six breweries in about six miles.  That’s a brewery PER mile, so take your time and enjoy some food at the outset and maybe again at Blue Star.  The author also suggests taking a short detour to enjoy the view of downtown SA from the nearby Hays Street Bridge.

Since this is a DIY ride, you’ll need a bike.  If you don’t have one, we suggest B-Cycle’s bike share.  Better yet, why not rent a bike at Blue Star Bicycling Company, conveniently located next to the third stop at Blue Star?  Start the tour in the middle and cycle both ways — that’ll add a few more miles to the beer/mile ratio!

You’ll also need a map.  For now, here’s a Google Map to try.  We’ll get busy on getting back to the Alamo City and riding this in person.

Old Delhi by Bicycle — travels with a milk addict


Check out Travels with a Milk Addict‘s write-up of a recent bike tour in Delhi.  This is only the second bike tour we’ve discovered in Delhi, a city of 25M residents.  But there are plenty of hidden adventures in this vast city and our two bike tour listings aim to show them to you:

Be sure to click the link for the whole story:

Not much sleep as we try to adapt to the +5.5 hr time zone meant a 6.30am bike tour was pretty early. They have them this early so it is quiet, we got a rickshaw there and it was in no way quiet 😄, our starting point was not far from a large mosque which […]

via Old Delhi by Bicycle — travels with a milk addict


Thanks to International in Style for writing this great review of Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours:

After seven months of “settling in” to New York City, I finally decided to explore parts of the city outside of the neighborhoods I normally frequent.I conveniently live in midtown, yet I rarely make it to Lower Manhattan. One of the best ways to explore intricacies of a big city is by simply walking it, […]

via Exploring Lower Manhattan with Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours — International In Style

Get Outta Town in Amsterdam

tour_de_amsterdam_bikesThere is a LOT to do in Amsterdam, a whole lot.  For bike tours alone, there are at least six city bike tours available.  But then there’s the rest of the Netherlands RIGHT outside the city limits.  Nature, dikes, windmills…..all available on a short bike ride from town.  And Tour de Amsterdam wants to show it to you:

Tour de Amsterdam organises bicycle tours in the area around Amsterdam. Accompanied by a tour guide, you cycle through the unique flat Dutch landscape past windmills, dikes and farmhouses. You clock up mileages but we make sure that there is enough time to visit fishing-villages such as Monnickendam and Marken. The perfect combination of cycling and sightseeing! We would like to share our passion for cycling with you.

Tour de Amsterdam’s tours range from around 90 minutes to 4 hours.  The Prologue Tour is a little over 20 miles at a reasonable pace.  Although their tours are a bit more strenuous than a city tour on a cruiser bike, that’s pretty doable for most casual cyclists.  And, believe me,  we are nothing but casual cyclists here at BTBT.

They have top ratings over at Tripadvisor, although you might have to get some help translating from Dutch (but our high school German skills seem to think those are pretty good reviews).

Don’t worry, the tours are in English and there’s not a hill in sight!



Explore Belgravia

You know where Belgravia is, right?  Sure, eastern Europe, south of Romania, right?  Um…nope, it’s a district in West London where that Downton Abbey guy has set his new novel.

Nigel Cox [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Nigel Cox [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
As “one of the wealthiest districts in the world”, you might think that bike tours just aren’t done in Belgravia.  However, if you happen to find yourself staying at the luxe Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel, you are invited to borrow a Belgravia bike (note that there are only FOUR of these “bespoke” bikes) and take the Belgravia & Beyond by Bicycle self-guided tour.

Presumably, this ride is only for hotel guests, but Luxury London got an insider’s preview:

I head off into the heart of Belgravia and with one eye on the cars around me, I glance up at the houses majestically lining the edge of Belgrave Square. Seeing it from afar, and not behind tinted windows of a car, I can appreciate its unparalleled beauty. From Wilton Terrace to Grosvenor Crescent, the tour takes you to the best of Belgravia and then beyond.

It all seems quite civilized, upper crust and a jolly good ride.  Here’s the good news for us commoners, the Jumeirah has kindly linked the route map.  So, grab a bike (there’s bike share all over London) and ride like a king.

Pip pip and cheerio, then.

Portland Gets A Little Weirder

It seems that Denver’s Mile High Tour has been quietly discontinued.  Cue Portland to pick up the slack, slackers.  Pedal Bike Tours has recently added a Portland Pot Tour to their tour lineup.

Photo: Pedal Bike Tours

Sure, we like Tripadvisor’s bike tour reviews as much as the next guy.  But there’s something great about finding a review on a website that’s pretty much about something else.  That tells us that the authors were psyched about discovering a perfect bike tour for them.  Dude.

Anyhow, Portland’s sea-level, bicycle pot tour is now, probably, the only pot bike tour on the planet.  Then again, we haven’t been on the Medellín Bike Tour.

If you’ve been on any of these tours, drop us a line about your experience!

And, Peace Out.