Fitness on Wheels in Mumbai

Mumbai isn’t exactly the first city we think about for a bike tour.  Known for crowds and congestion, Mumbai is a busy place.  Sure enough, though, there are at least two tour companies there, see our Asia directory for details.

Photo by Sanyambahga

Although it doesn’t seem to be related to the tour companies, Harjinder Kukreja recently lead an international cycling delegation to promote cycling in Mumbai.  Their four hour tour started early in the morning to watch Mumbai awake.  The group stopped often to explore markets, temples, and other sights as well as to encourage drivers to consider cycling once per week to reduce congestion.

There are some commuters in Mumbai with group rides becoming more popular on the weekends.

Martin Wright said:  “The potential for cycling in Mumbai is massive,” says Martin. “It’s almost completely flat, for nine months of the year it doesn’t rain, and you’ll never get cold here. It’s a fantastic place to cycle.”

So, are YOU game?