Go Slow in Oslo

Does that rhyme?  No?  Well, it should.  Go – Slo – Os – Lo!

We always like finding an independent review of a bike tour.  Oslo Bike Tours has a bunch of great reviews on Tripadvisor.  But, finding a blog or media review outside of the travel sites is always a treat.  The Bald Nomad (!) has a well written review with a bunch of great photos.

A quote like this sums up a great bike tour:

“But a bike tour lets you enjoy the city for very little money, and if you plan it right, you can see most of the city’s sights in a single day (museums excluded, of course).”

Walking is wonderful and we do it all the time.  But you can only hoof it so far in one day.  Tour buses?…yeah, nope.  But bikes… bikes bring out the leisure of walking amplified by the relative speed and access of a bike.

And who wouldn’t sign up for VIKING BIKING?!

Viking Biking