New Cities and Experience Sharing

By WiDi [CC BY-SA 3.0]
We’ve just updated the tour directories and added some new cities, like Provo, Eindhoven, Koblenz, Ghent, Johannesburg and Soweto.  In Eindhoven, much like Memphis, there isn’t an bike tour company, but bike tours are available from experience-sharing site Withlocals (which is similar to Vayable, but currently focused on Asia and Europe).

We talked about Vayable a couple months back.  After poring over both company’s listings, we’ve concluded that:

  • They have some cool bike tours
  • They serve some cities that don’t have commercial tours
  • The providers are, mostly, not actual companies and likely to come and go more often than a bike tour company (we found a few commercial tours using Vayable for promotion)
  • Since both Vayable and Withlocals provide their own search capability by city, it seems redundant to reflect all of their listings in BTBT’s directories

That said…there are some gems, like the Memphis and Eindhoven tours, that we do want to reflect in our tour directories.  These tours are marked with this symbol: 💬  as a reminder that these are hand-picked from the “experience-sharing” sites.