Portland Gets A Little Weirder

It seems that Denver’s Mile High Tour has been quietly discontinued.  Cue Portland to pick up the slack, slackers.  Pedal Bike Tours has recently added a Portland Pot Tour to their tour lineup.

Photo: Pedal Bike Tours

Sure, we like Tripadvisor’s bike tour reviews as much as the next guy.  But there’s something great about finding a review on a website that’s pretty much about something else.  That tells us that the authors were psyched about discovering a perfect bike tour for them.  Dude.

Anyhow, Portland’s sea-level, bicycle pot tour is now, probably, the only pot bike tour on the planet.  Then again, we haven’t been on the Medellín Bike Tour.

If you’ve been on any of these tours, drop us a line about your experience!

And, Peace Out.

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