Spinlister Spins No More

Effective April 22, 2018, Spinlister will shutdown operations.

We’re sorry to see them go.  Not only a great source of sharing economy rental bikes, they also hosted a rich database of rides around the world.  Many of these rides were #citybiketours and are/were included in our bike tour directories.

Unfortunately, although we approached Spinlister about hosting the ride information here on BTBT, we did not receive any response.

Update (2018-05-02): The Spinlister website remains up and appears to be operating normally.  For now, the ride links from BTBT are working.

Once the site goes down,  all our Spinlister links will be redirected to this page until we sort out possible mirroring/historical links.

Update (2018-10-10):

It seems that Spinlister is “back”.  We’ve been keeping an eye on the website and it doesn’t seem to have gone offline.  The farewell message is still posted and parts seem to be a bit rusted.  In any event, this is great news: