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Sometimes You Get Lucky – Bike Tours in Newcastle upon Tyne

There are now well over 350 city bike tours in BeenThereBikeTours‘s database.  We’ve been around for about 10 months now.  So, try as we might, we haven’t ridden all of them or even been to all seven continents (yet).  By the way, are there bike tours in Antarctica?  People do ride there and there’s even a fat bike expedition to the South Pole coming up in 2016!  It’s only $70,000 to ride (airfare not included), so sign up soon.

Sadly, there are no cities in the Antarctic, so we’re not including the South Pole ride in our listings.  But, we did just add a cool-looking city tour in Newcastle, UK.  Since we’re not independently wealthy, we find many of our tours with old fashioned creative Googling.  Recently, we’ve been working on Australia.  Plugging major (and not so major) cities into Google along with “bike tours” is usually a good start.  Newcastle, New South Wales is a city of about 150K in Southeastern Australia that appeared likely to have a city bike tour.  And a quick Google of “bike tours Newcastle” turned one up, however it was the aforementioned Newcastle Cycle Tours in northeast England, only about 1000 miles from being on the other side of our planet from Newcastle, NSW.

Photo: JimmyGuano
Photo: JimmyGuano

Newcastle upon Tyne is the home of Newcastle Brown Ale , a beautiful series of seven bridges crossing the Tyne, Grainger Town, and the Quayside district.

Fortunately, it turns out that BOTH cities of Newcastle have city bike tours.  And Newcastle Bicycle Tours is your destination for the downunder Newcastle.

Now, who wants to try to ride both of these in a weekend?