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Bike Tours by Bike Share

The USA Today has posted an article about using bike share programs for touring cites: Great Urban Rides:  Bike-share Itineraries for Visitors.

They have a paragraph or so for New York, Boston, Chicago, D.C., San Francisco, Columbus, Toronto, Chattanooga, and Portland.

It’s a great idea, particularly for the “accidental” tourist who may have a very limited time window to explore.  We’d definitely add BTBT’s San Antonio ride to the list.  For that matter, any city with bike share is a candidate.  If you have an hour or two free in a new city, check it out!

Let’s Get Gangsta (on a Bike Tour)

Bobby’s Bike Hike in Chicago has a half-dozen fun, themed tours.  But one stands out…the Southside Gangster Bike Tour.

I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want to roll the mean streets of Chi-town’s Southside?  OK, maybe it’s changed from my family’s past, but it’s still got it going on even though today’s gangstas are likely a far cry from the gangsters of the ’20s.

Tours start up for summer in a couple of weeks, so don’t wait.  Here’s the full description:

Chicago’s seedier side will be unveiled on this ride through the Southside’s most notorious areas, including the old Bridgeport neighborhood.  Learn about the history of the Chicago Outfit as we roll by famous mob hangouts and homes, Chicago’s old red-light district, and Al Capone’s old stomping grounds.  This tour will explain the history of the outfit and how it has transformed over the years into what it is today. Plus, we’ll sample some of Chicago’s finest Italian Beef.  Highlights include: Bridgeport, Chinatown, hidden Palmisano Park, old Italian Outfit hangouts, The old Levee District (Chicago’s Red Light district), The McCormick Place, Prairie Ave District, Museum Campus and the Lakefront.

Bike These 3 Cities This Summer

Takepart suggests Nashville, DC, and Chicago for bike tours this summer:

Whether your motivation is to free your sightseeing from the stress of traffic, see a city from a new perspective, save the planet, or just save yourself from exorbitant hotel parking charges, one of the best ways to go green when traveling is to ditch the car. While that’s not possible everywhere, it’s the perfect way to experience these three cities, which have made easy-access biking a priority for visitors as well as residents.

BeenThereBikeTours just rode Green Fleet’s Signature Tour in Nashville a couple of weeks ago.   We also had a chance to ride Chicago’s Divvy a few months ago, but we’ll have to get to work on visiting DC and Chi-town for these tours.