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St. Petersburg Goes Bike Tour

Photo from Bikes and Brews St. Pete’s Facebook page

Update:  Unfortunately, Bike & Brews St Pete has gone out of business and seems to be for sale.

Here at BTBT we try to keep our bike tour directories current.  Sadly, some tour companies don’t make it, but we usually find more new tours to add than those defunct ones we have to remove.  Well…I guess they may end up being a defunct tour after all….here’s hoping someone takes it over.

While updating our St. Petersburg (Russia) links, we stumbled across Bikes & Brews St Pete in that other St. Petersburg in Florida… It wasn’t that long ago that this St. Pete was known as God’s Waiting Room (PS: There’s still a bar called that).  And retirees still abound, but the Millennials are coming in hordes.

Which comes first, Millenials or craft beer/bikes/dogs/cafes/farmers markets/etc.?  We don’t care because we love those things too.  And Bikes & Brew St. Pete offers you a chance to check out the resurgent town.  Founded about a year ago, they ride cruiser bikes and offer a:

“3+ hour historic bike tours of downtown St. Pete. Includes a drink at 3 brew spots in town.”

With at least eight breweries in town, along with plenty of craft beer bars, you should have plenty of choices.  Chances are that you’ll stop, of course, at Cycle Brewery and see a bit of street art on your ride.

Want to keep riding after your tour is over?  Just this fall, Tampa’s Coast Bike Share was extended to St. Pete.  You still have a half dozen breweries to check out, not to mention:

If you happen to be visiting Tampa, the Cross-Bay Ferry is a great way to get from downtown over to St. Pete.  No traffic and pelicans are virtually guaranteed.


World’s Shortest Bike Tour?

aus_brewery_tour1This past Saturday, three breweries in Austin sponsored the Brewery District Bike TourAdelbert’s Brewery, 4th Tap Brewing Co-op, and Circle Brewing comprise the self-proclaimed “official-ish brewery district”  (I think Austin’s east side could make a similar claim).   Of note, Colorado based Oskar Blues is opening a brewery in the same area, any day now.

The breweries are situated in a light-industrial/warehouse ecosystem that grew to support IBM’s manufacturing operations in the 70s and 80s.

The tour took this GRUELING, 1.3 mile route :

aus_brewert_tour_mapRiders to were invited to buy a beer at each stop, in exchange for a collectible Bike Tour aluminum water bottle.   A group ride would have been impractical considering congestion when arriving at the breweries, so the organizers suggested “riding in packs”.  The turnout felt a bit light to us.  Nevertheless, we chanced into meeting up with friends (the founders of The Brewtorium) and spent an enjoyable, albeit muggy Saturday afternoon.

aus_brewery_tour2Once Oskar Blues is open, we expect to see future similar events.  BTBT has a few suggestions:

  • Throw a few free T-shirts to some volunteer tour leaders.  “Packs” could depart every 30 minutes or so and rotate between the breweries.  The leaders could do a quick intro to each brewery while the riders are queuing up to be served.
  • Some additional bike racks or valets would be helpful for bike security.
  • Sponsor a “ride to the tour” departing from central Austin.

Anyhow, at 1.3 miles, we think this may be the World’s Shortest Bike Tour.

Brew Bikes

Photo: Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio
Photo: Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Sacramento’s Sac Brew Bike has a nice write-up from their local NPR station.  A number of cities have Brew Bikes and Pub Crawlers.  Some allow beer on board (Austin’s does) and some, like Sac Brew Bike, just visit local establishments.  In particular, Sac Brew Bike “offers tours of Midtown Sacramento’s craft beer scene”.  Craft beer is exploding in the US, and the fusion of bikes and craft beer is common in many cities.

Since many of the beer bikes operate in the central parts of town, they offer a different way to take a city bike tour.  Most seem more focused on the beers/bar than local sites…but the social aspect is definitely part of the experience.  We look forward to trying and reviewing one soon.