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Get Outta Town in Amsterdam

tour_de_amsterdam_bikesThere is a LOT to do in Amsterdam, a whole lot.  For bike tours alone, there are at least six city bike tours available.  But then there’s the rest of the Netherlands RIGHT outside the city limits.  Nature, dikes, windmills…..all available on a short bike ride from town.  And Tour de Amsterdam wants to show it to you:

Tour de Amsterdam organises bicycle tours in the area around Amsterdam. Accompanied by a tour guide, you cycle through the unique flat Dutch landscape past windmills, dikes and farmhouses. You clock up mileages but we make sure that there is enough time to visit fishing-villages such as Monnickendam and Marken. The perfect combination of cycling and sightseeing! We would like to share our passion for cycling with you.

Tour de Amsterdam’s tours range from around 90 minutes to 4 hours.  The Prologue Tour is a little over 20 miles at a reasonable pace.  Although their tours are a bit more strenuous than a city tour on a cruiser bike, that’s pretty doable for most casual cyclists.  And, believe me,  we are nothing but casual cyclists here at BTBT.

They have top ratings over at Tripadvisor, although you might have to get some help translating from Dutch (but our high school German skills seem to think those are pretty good reviews).

Don’t worry, the tours are in English and there’s not a hill in sight!



Rick Steves Likes Bike Tours

(Photo: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli)

Rick Steves recommends bike tours:

For a quick but meaningful spin around town, consider a bicycle tour. You’ll find fun and memorable guided bike tours in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Budapest, Munich, and Paris, as well as many bike-friendly countryside areas. You’ll get a young, entertaining, often foul-mouthed, sometimes informative guide who will give you a breezy introduction to the city and a close-up look at back streets few tourists ever see. Tours are typically fun, reasonable (roughly $30), and an easy way to meet other travelers as well as get a new angle on an old city.