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Gettin’ Googly With It

So you’re headed, say, to the Big Apple.  You’ve heard of bike tours and are ready to try one in the city.  Or maybe you’ve gotten a few great rides under your belt.  Either way, you Google “bike tour new york city” and come up with a lot of great options.  But there are a half dozen ads at the top, most of which aren’t even about bikes.  Hey, a helicopter ride looks REALLY fun, but that’s not what you’re looking for.  And, do you really want to ride a century (100 mile ride) in a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon?

We’re not saying not to use Google.  FAR from it; we use Google every day to improve our city bike tour directory and to research fun articles about great rides.  Here’s a better idea:

  • For New York, go to our USA/North America page (we’ve divided the directory mostly by continent to keep the page sizes reasonable without generating a zillion smaller geographic pages to dig through)
  • Scroll down or search for New York City, you’ll see this:

NYC Listings

Right away, there’s nearly a dozen traditional guided tours to choose from.  But wait, there’s more…your Google search probably didn’t show you those Wall Street Journal Bike the Boroughs tours.  Not only are these well thought out DIY tours, but you can take these tours right now on your device…every tour has a companion video!

Then there are the Splinlister rides…and Bikabout’s amazing “curated” rides that include multiple maps, transit info, where to rent bikes, what to see, and great eating and drinking spots.

You won’t find Bikabout, Spinlister, or even smaller commercial tours on the first page of Google’s results.  Most people, including us, rarely venture past the first page or two of a Google search.

  • So, explore a few of these rides and choose a favorite or two.
  • Now, it’s Google time.  Google your destination.  You may find a new ride that’s not in our directories yet.  If that happens, please do drop us a line, we try to keep everything current but new bike tours are starting daily, it seems.
  • Look through the results, you might have already found your perfect ride.  But use the power of Google to double-check.  And perhaps follow some links to reviews.  (BTBT has few here).
  • Finally, choose one (or more!)…go there…ride it…have a great time!



Thanks to International in Style for writing this great review of Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours:

After seven months of “settling in” to New York City, I finally decided to explore parts of the city outside of the neighborhoods I normally frequent.I conveniently live in midtown, yet I rarely make it to Lower Manhattan. One of the best ways to explore intricacies of a big city is by simply walking it, […]

via Exploring Lower Manhattan with Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours — International In Style

Bike Tours by Bike Share

The USA Today has posted an article about using bike share programs for touring cites: Great Urban Rides:  Bike-share Itineraries for Visitors.

They have a paragraph or so for New York, Boston, Chicago, D.C., San Francisco, Columbus, Toronto, Chattanooga, and Portland.

It’s a great idea, particularly for the “accidental” tourist who may have a very limited time window to explore.  We’d definitely add BTBT’s San Antonio ride to the list.  For that matter, any city with bike share is a candidate.  If you have an hour or two free in a new city, check it out!