The DIY Route is Not a Tour (But It Could Be)

We’ve talked about many DIY city bike tours, including a few of our own.  Bikabout is probably the biggest database of rolling your own bike tours.  We love both the “official” commercial tours as well as the random, local, sponsored-by-whomever tours.

Barcelona "Route"
Barcelona “Route”

What we hadn’t considered is the Strava-fication of the city bike tour.  To wit, here’s a great looking “tour” of Barcelona on  This is the first we’ve heard of even though they’ve been around since 2008. Of course, there’s Strava, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, et al.  But, all of these great services have ROUTES, not TOURS.  What’s missing is the information that goes with the route.  The sights, historic details, where to eat and drink, the cool local spots – those are what make a nice route into a great #citybiketour.

The various mapping apps/websites seem oriented to training, racing, and commuting., though, appears to be a bit more angled toward touring, both longer distance as well as city “tours”.  But without the research, writing, and presentation of details along the route, at best it’s still just a pleasant route.

(You didn’t think we were going to say “curate“, did you?)

So, if you’re headed to a city and find a cool route online…ride it!  And take some notes, do some research, and write your own city bike tour.   And, send it to us to publish on BeenThereBikeTours!