Two-Wheeled Berlin with Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine has a short piece titled 3 2-Wheeled Ways to See Berlin.  “Way” number one is bicycles and they mention three bike tours also noted in our listings: Berlin on Bike, Fat Tire Bike Tours, and Berlin Bike Tour.  There are also four other Berlin bike tours listed on our Europe page.

“Way” number two is inline skates.  Hmm…well, “two-wheeled” feet is close to two wheels.  Inline skates for an eight to ten mile city tour could be a real challenge for an inexperienced skater.

“Way” number three is Segway tours.  We’ve ridden Segways a few times.  They’re fun, but there can be some downsides.  The learning curve can be a problem for some people and once, I had a battery suddenly go dead.  The Segway dropped to the ground, powerless, underneath me.  Fortunately, I jumped off quickly and was not in traffic at the time.

Naturally, we think bikes and bike tours are the best way to see a city on two wheels.  They have the most range and don’t rely on batteries to keep going