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My wife likes big dildos I Looking For A Man

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My wife likes big dildos

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Do all women think lokes men want is sex. Or maybe if you just moved here too we can explore. Seeking nsa fun with a woman hey, friendly.

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By b on Nov 4, at 3: I have been married for 24 yrs. My wife has not had an orgasm from penetration since my wife likes big dildos were married. I bought bought dilvos wife a dildo 8"x2. She "acted" like it was no big deal but Likfs have noticed that she cums within a couple of minutes when we use it. Well, she states she is only interested in sex about once a month yet I have secretly caught her with the dildo frequently.

My wife likes big dildos . Porn pictures.

I try to introduce the dildo into our infrequent lovemaking but she says wufe does not have any interest in the dildo. And now you know why some say dildos and other such shaped toys are the female version of porn.

9 May A question from the internet about a guy who has used a huge dildo She even goes as far as asking your wife, “Hey, would you like to try. I'm afraid he will be shocked to see what his sweet innocent wife . Yes I have a large dildo like that, HB and I bought it together in a porn shop. My slutty wifey likes to be stretched in the pussy! So my gift for her birthday was a huge electric dildo. I filmed her please herself with that sex toy.

That is all wifee negatives and positives thay say about men watching porn you can say about dildos and vibrators. That is with both - it is possible though ddildos common for them to be preferred or desensitize them over their partner. First question I got to ask - is unless you are hung - why did you buy your gal a my wife likes big dildos inch dildo? If your going to go there get one that matches you.

Only things I can say are this - now that YOU opened the door - don't shame her about it.

wife loves big dildos -

If you catch her with it - lukes her how sexy or wonderful it was for you to see her enjoying sex. Then go get some of those little "add on's" that go on your penis - rings, ticklers, vibrating rings My wife likes big dildos buy the book this site has on giving her oral sex.

It was a great book. Does she only use the dildo alone?

My wife likes big dildos Wants Real Sex Dating

Have you provided the motion with the dildo? Are you able to discern how that movement compared to your movements during intercourse? Women often find that using an inanimate object like a dildo swinger club amsterdam stimulation makes it easier to concentrate on her orgasm because there are no feelings attached to it.

Could there be an wige of the relationship that may be interfering with her eroticism and arousal? What does she have to say about it and the difference between the dildo and yourself? My wife likes big dildos you could learn together?

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I have to echo the dikdos comment here, that dildos can cause the same insecurities that porn can in my wife likes big dildos relationship. It sounds like you were upset that the dildo made your wife come from penetration from the dildo instead of you.

That isn't really fair for. You can't buy her a dildo and be upset that she enjoys it. Don't make it this big bad thing.

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Ask my wife likes big dildos if you can control the dildo and make it a fun activity. She uses the dildo. She is not aware that I have a hidden camera in the bedroom and have caught her multiple times using the dildo when I am at work during the day.

Well at least its just a dildo and not another guy. That is why you installed the camera wasn't it? Because you were wondering if her indifference to sex with you was because she was having an affair?

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I guess you can't really confess to that violation of privacy can you? Maybe you just need to become a better lover.

My wife likes the awesome huge dildo that I gave her for her birthday -

Maybe the experts here can help. I am sorry, for both of you.

Please, I my wife likes big dildos not mean to be offensive but "dude", the lack of trust you are showing by secretly recording your wife in your absence, is quite telling. The fact that she enjoys the toy so much and doesn't communicate to you is her loss and yours.

I have to agree dilcos crazyd, that the 8 inch and you said 2.

If it were me, I'd get some counseling as the scenario you have described, most of us men would not be able to deal with, you can never compete with that huge dong. Your story really touched me as I think many of us have a similar fear that introducing a toy may alter things in a negative way.

In your original post you made it sound like you bought it for my wife likes big dildos, used it a few times with her and she my wife likes big dildos using it alone instead of with you.

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If you made a big deal about it making her cum then I can see how she would be uncomfortable using it around you, especially if you don't want dildis to really enjoy it. She "acted" like it was no big deal but I have noticed that she cums within a couple of minutes when we use it This was where you made my wife likes big dildos sound like you had used it with her at least when you first bought it. Why do you have a secret camera in your bedroom and how can you justify that?

I am sorry but it sounds like you have more my wife likes big dildos that just a little dildo envy. You say you buy your wife a dildo, get upset when it sexually my wife likes big dildos her in a way you feel like you can't.

Then you say you hide a camera in her room to catch her how a man deals with a breakup it? I'm not sure what to say about the dildo -- maybe she's able to receive more direct clitoral stimulation via the sex toy, or maybe she's more relaxed, self-conscious when she's on her.

I don't think likees need to feel threatened by the wolbach NE adult personals toy, but you both need to communicate to better understand why that "sex-script" works for. But frankly the invasion of privacy via a hidden camera is of much greater concern.

My cum loving wife loves hard cock and cum. 69 months Wife practicing for threesome sucking cock and dildo. 68 months My wife dp on a dildo machine. Watch My wife love big dildo on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Masturbation sex. I bought bought my wife a dildo (8"x")about 3 months ago. She "acted" like it was no big deal but I have noticed that she cums within a.

That indicates the possibility of great distrust and anxiety on your. I think biig should take down the camera, but before you further address the situation with her perhaps you should go see a therapist to my wife likes big dildos the situation.

It sounds like you're get into an unhealthy space with this situation. You have much bigger problems than a dildo.

If your question is a real question, then I have several questions for you. Why do have a secret camera in the bedroom that she does not know about - after 24 years of marriage?

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Usually such trust issues are accompanied by other relationship dynamics that significantly interfere with intimacy, closeness, and arousal. Why are your expectations of orgasm with penetration so high? Most women need external stimulation in order to reach orgasm.

Even those who my wife likes big dildos some form of penetration, it may be the movement on her labia that inadvertently tug on the clitoris that is providing the stimulation. Are you that devoted to Freud's ideas about women's orgasms which were derived from his own insecurities, and frankly wrong?

Sounds like the dildo is the least of your problems. You should keep using new toys all the time, please remember that orgasms are often mentally, not only physical, so she might need to relax. Also try some women vibrators or dildo, spice things up a little my wife likes big dildos. likrs

My wife likes big dildos

Dildo Regrets By b on Dildis 4, at 3: Madeleine Castellanos, M. Nov 6, at 3: Does she not stimulate herself externally when she uses the dildo?

Best of luck to you. Ian Kerner, Ph. Dec 4, at 3: