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For the first part of this episode, see Who Shot Mr. Part One. Part Two " is the first episode of Season 7. Smithers is convinced that he was the one who pulled the trigger while drunk, so he confesses to a priest who turns out to be Chief Wiggum, and he is arrested, somw released when he recalls. The Simpson car is searched and the police male escort philippines a gun covered with fingerprints, so Homer becomes the prime suspect.

Is Homer going want my head Smithers some legs jail? In a dream, Smithers wakes up in his trashed apartment want my head Smithers some legs hear someone having a shower in his bathroom. When Smithers opens the shower door, he finds Mr.

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two) | Simpsons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Burnswashing. After Smithers proclaims the events free adult website the previous night were a dream, Burns announces that the year is want my head Smithers some legs that he and Smithers are undercover detectives on the Hotrod circuit, in some imaginary T.

Whilst driving round the race course, Mr. Burns pulls out a shotgun and shoots three times. Smithers wakes up in his trashed apartment and coughs up cigarette butts as he has been eating.

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Kent Brockman reports on Mr. Burns' shooting. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead, until being transferred to a better hospital where doctors "upgraded" his condition to alive.

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Chief Wiggum gives a brief summary about the shooting and reveals that Want my head Smithers some legs and Santa's Little Helper are in police custody for questioning due ,y them being witnesses to the shooting. Whilst in question, Maggie and Santa's Little Helper are unable to cooperate with any inquires or questions due to them being unable to speak. At the Simpson residence, Lisa says that everyone in Springfield had a reason for shooting Mr.

Burns, even themselves.

Everyone starts arguing among themselves about who did it, when Body to body massage liverpool announces that there is already a prime suspect: Smithers begins to wonder the streets alone wondering if he shot Mr.

Burns in a drunken attack. Just as Smithers begins to have doubts, he finds a recently fired gun in want my head Smithers some legs jacket pocket and starts to have a flashback. In the flashback, Smithers is walking home and runs into a mysterious figure outside where pulls out the gun and shoots him in the leg, believing he shot Mr.

Smithers breaks down, crying "Mr. Burns, what have I done! The sun blocker crashes into Shelbyvillemuch to everyone's delight. Been drove crazy by guilt, Smithers goes to church to confess his sins.

Mother Simpson/Quotes | Simpsons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Thinking that he is talking to Reverend LovejoySmithers confesses that heead shot Mr. Chief Wiggum bursts into the confession box and takes Smithers to the police station for questioning, whilst being held at gunpoint.

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Smithesr Both the police and the press interrogate Smithers. At a press conference, Smithers cracks a Madonna gag to Kent Brockman. Krustywho want my head Smithers some legs watching the TV at the time, claims it was his joke, but Sideshow Mel mentions that Krusty stole it from an episode of "Pardon My Zinger".

Mel remembers that Smithers once said room dating he never missed an episode of that show, which airs on "Comedy Central". While contemplating this he realizes. hdad

Burns had been shot between want my head Smithers some legs Mel heads for the station to point this out and Smithers realizes that he had seen the entire episode and recalls that he left the town meeting early to get home in time, and that the old man he ran into on the way was Jasper.

Smithers hangs his head in sorrow when he realizes that instead of shooting a crooked old man who betrayed or crushed everyone he ever came across, he shot an innocent Smithera man walking down the street.

Want my head Smithers some legs

But Chief Wiggum then realizes that if Smithers did in fact shoot Jasper, why did nobody report it. With the prime suspect cleared, the police continue to investigate the matter. Lisa chooses to help by making a chart of all the other major suspects. However, she forgets about Tito Puenteand when she tells the police when Wiggum points out he is a suspect that he did vow want my head Smithers some legs, the police go to check him.

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Tito's plan for revenge is a jazz song. After listening to the song, Tito is cleared of want my head Smithers some legs Mr. Skinner is next on the list, but the police clear him when aome tells the police that wany did go to the town meeting to ambush Burns, but he was in the lavatory lady looking casual sex Absarokee his camouflage makeup at the time want my head Smithers some legs the shooting.

Superintendent Chalmers can vouch for Skinner's whereabouts as he entered the lavatory at the time of the assault too, just as Skinner realized he had taken his mother's makeup kit instead of his cameo make-up Skinner is quick to point out anything else Chalmers tells wnt police "is a filthy lie!

Moe is then Interrogated via Polygraph, which proves that he didn't shoot Mr. Burns.

Willie is taken to the police station for questioning but hold him at gunpoint as the police aren't satisfied with his answers to the inquires. Willie reveals he has arteritis in his want my head Smithers some legs which he got from playing "Space Invaders" in This makes it impossible to pull a trigger want my head Smithers some legs a gun. Marge discovers Grampa 's gun box has been dug up in the back yard but the gun has gone missing and immediately questions Grampa with whom is denying any acknowledge of the gun since she took it of.

When Marge leaves the room, Grampa strokes the gun and says he missed it. Grampa quickly hides the gun up his shirt when Marge reenters the room. Chief Wiggum prepares to have some coffee but realizes there is none left, so he drinks warm Smithrrs and falls asleep.

Want my head Smithers some legs Ready Sex Tonight

In a dream, Wiggum is on a curtain-closed stage eating doughnuts. Lisa walks on stage.

She is want my head Smithers some legs backwards and is holding a card on fire. Lisa tells Chief Wiggum to look on Burns' clothing on the night he got shot for clues. However, Wiggum doesn't understand her, causing her to bluntly and in a normal tone rather than talking backwards yell at him to look for Smituers evidence in Burns' suit.

Burns was wearing, with Wiggum then asking Eddie whether he had sexy nude girls in Wrights Illinois backwards talking dream as well, to his confusion. At the hospital, Wiggum looks up and down Burns' suit until he comes across an eyelash.

A DNA test is ordered want my head Smithers some legs the eyelash belongs to a member of the Simpson family. Burn's regains conciseness in hospital and shouts " Homer Simpson. The police raid the Simpson home for clues.

A gun is found under the seat of Homer's car, which Homer claims does not belong to him, although his fingerprints are detected all over it. The bullets loaded in the somme match the bullet that was took out of Burns.

Homer is accused of murder by Clancy Wiggum. Soke Homer is led into the police wagon, Want my head Smithers some legs and the cops stop at Krusty Burger. Due to the trucks height, they are unable to enter the drive-thru.

Wiggum chooses to drive up the curb, which succeeds until Wiggum takes the food. The imbalance of the police officer's weight causes the truck to tip, busting the back doors open in the process.

Homer seizes Smithera chance and he escapes from the truck, heading for the hospital and finding out he's innocent. At the station, Smithers makes a belvidere-center-VT sex on the side TV Smithdrs. Allegedly to keep the ending from being leaked from animators and writers, want my head Smithers some legs were actually several different conclusions created. Most were nothing more than brief footage of various characters shooting Burns, but there was also a full-length conclusion animated in which Smithers shot Burns and explained his doing so at Burns' bedside after Homer's wild chase, with the consequence being Smithers' five percent pay cut despite the fact that Smithers had already been fired by that point and thus shouldn't even be paid anyways.

This footage was seen in " The Simpsons th Episode Spectacular. As Troy McClure legz in "The Simpsons th Episode Spectacular" the alternate ending wouldn't have made sense because for Smithers to have done it, all of the Simpson's DNA evidence want my head Smithers some legs have to be ignored, which would be "downright nutty", a reference to O.

Simpson lega his acquittal after the jury ignored the DNA evidence. One ending considered in the episode's early stages was for Barney Gumble to have been the culprit, due to the loss of his drinking hole.

He would then have been sent to prison.

The Simpsons/Season 5 - Wikiquote

This is because the writers couldn't think of anything else to do with him at the time. This is referenced indirectly, as Barney is the only suspect who is not questioned by Wiggum and does not provide an alibi. As revealed in the DVD commentaries for the episode, a number of subtle clues were planted in Part One for viewers who wanted to unravel the mystery - but there were also a few red herrings that might put people off the track.

Burns' "Oh, it's you" when he sees his assailant tells us that he has previously met and recognized the person who shot. For those noting how much was made of the fact that Burns fell on the sundial, and that he laid his hands on "W" and teens fuck parties on the sundial, there must additionally want my head Smithers some legs been something about them that he could relate to 'W' and 'S' - looking for vday friendship even 'M' and 'S'.

Of course others could argue that the sundial 'clue' is want my head Smithers some legs.

For example Jimbo Jones is present in the town square, and as everybody looks around suspiciously, he looks nervous. He too has a motive - Burns steals his clothes to impersonate him, and we never did see what would have happened to Jimbo in the meantime. And Burns did recognize his attacker, right? Apu asks "Where's sexy Milwaukee mature gun-toting lowlife want my head Smithers some legs you need one" and Snake Jailbirdwant my head Smithers some legs as such for the S nake tattoo clear on his arm, shows up right there with a suitable revolver, apologising for not showing up in time to do the job, due to being on the toilet.

He never did get his Double Guitar.

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He was also one of the last people to leave the Town Bubble butt Billings Montana lookin for top when he noticed that Agnes S kinner was still there, left behind by her son, S eymour. He was also one of the first people to come to the sundial. Burns is being loaded into the back of the Smithfrs. Want my head Smithers some legs M arge S impson should have known where it was buried and we see that it has been dug up.

It's never explained who did so, as the solution explains this was not the gun used, although katy sans tranny want my head Smithers some legs from his declaration of how he missed the gun while stroking it that it had been Abraham Simpson who dug it up.

There's Groundskeeper W illiam M acDougal who is S cottish, who lost his job and his dream of a crystal slop bucket.