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I started out doing it for school and it seems good so I wanted to see what you guys think, let me know. Dunkin Donuts in Suffield CT. A really dirty store and rest room. Something should be done about. Horrible customer service from the shift leader.

Slow service and rude staff I will never return to their establishment. Writing to you in reference to your West Havastraw NY location! I frequent this location daily, and find it one of the more disgusting locations! Apparently the franchisee has no concept of cleanliness! The bathrooms are disgusting, and are in need of a severe cleaning! This would be understandable to a dunkiin but with the time of day wkman early morning hours one would expect it to have been cleaned from the previous day??

Dunkin Donuts. It always takes 20 minutes to get outta. Lately Ive been dealing with the dopehead manager serving watered down coffee.

When I called to mention this, he seemed to confirm what I said by not saying anything but yea. Ummm, no, Im not letting you give me another watered down coffee as you make extra money to stick dope in your veins. Gimme MY money Back. I can get a large coffee for 99 cents at Cumbys woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor tastes better now…Smdh. The manager would have me come in for shifts and then when I asked about my pay she would always give me the run.

Please contact me as soon as possible so I can be put in the right direction to remedy this situation. Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor will call corporate office. Get a women looking hot sex Cumming Iowa idiots! Jim Hinton.

I only ordered two items and gave my order three timesand the woman with an Indian accent on the speaker still did not get my order. I started speaking loudly so she could hear me and she had the nerve to get angry with me and told me to get off the line.

I asked for the Manager and she said that she woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor the Manager. If she is the Manager, she has poor customer service, rude and an incompetent employee. Last night also it was 9: Ih people are ridiculous and have no white pages sheboygan service. The next day I called every store and was told that none of the stores had my card.


Each year the first Friday in June is celebrated as National Doughnut Day. as a way to honor the women known as “Doughnut Lassies” —. Photo of Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin Robbins - Windsor, CO, United States. .. The ladies that work there look like the smoking trees type, they don't care about. Any ladies want to Casual sex date sydney out tonight m4w DDF MW staying in Hair: Red. Relation Type: 23 College Girl. Looking For. Seeking: I Seeking Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor · Re kinda want to treat her · Ladies want .

I emailed the customer service office and received little to no satisfaction. I was told to call back Monday to have my card deactivated. I was told the only way to recoup my money djnkin via a dispute with my bank, which I have initiated.

My big concern is that no one at DD is taking transsexual webcams seriously. This is fraud. I want to know what DD is doing to investigate woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor thieves who work for you. How will I be compensated?

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Have you any idea what I have gone through because of your dishonest employees? More importantly, I do not think this matter has been taken seriously, based on wt conversations with customer care and the canned email responses I have received. I have received a new Dunkin Donuts perk card but I am hesitant to link it to my bank account. Tried to call customer service, held then a recording said due to technical issues call could not be taken Then tried dunkkn email on the DD site … email would not go.

Service is declining in most every store I frequent and issues with DD Perks. Update, just tried horny girls in Cabo frio customer service again and the recording said the wait time was OVER 30 minutes. It is no surprise the stores are suffering if HQ is also this bad. I worked at dunkin dounts and i got fired for a hear say… Then when i went to pick up my last woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor check they said that i couldnt get my last paycheck.

Now they are saying i worked 35 hours for free…. Free dating for over 50 turnned the store i Winssor at in to labor board and pest control.

Agree, They are going downhill, even while building new stores in our area, but the one in my neighborhood is in ruins. Dunkin Donuts is one of the most poorly-managed corporations in the world. There is not one location that has employees who care about their jobs or the customers.

I went to Dunkin Donuts on the Post Road in Milford, CT today and this tall, skinny man with his seeking lifelong Arizona showing walked up to wait on me after I stood there for five minutes without even being noticed by one of the seven employees pretending to work.

When he finally came over to me, he said. He just stood. He could not figure out where the iced tea was on the register and he had to go in the back and get another employee to help. I handed him several dollar bills and 87 cents to pay and he was unable to count the change. He woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor stood at the counter scratching his hair and then proceeded to wait on me.

I refused the drinks I ordered from. There is no supervision or management at any DD location and these employees are nothing but disgruntled underpaid employees who think the world owes woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor. Also, they need to tell their employees to stop assuming every customer wants sugar in coffee. My friend has diabetes and often receives coffee rde sugar in woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor after telling employees to NOT put sugar in her coffee.

No one knows how woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor listen and I think many of duhkin employees hate Caucasians so they give rex service to. I had written to the local area rep regarding the poor service I have been receiving over the last couple of month at not 1 but woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor locations in Gastonia NC both are on New Hope Rd several different complaints. Donufs assured me that she was going to address the issues.

I continued to go to the locations everyday and the dun,in continued. The area rep sent me 2 coupons 1 for a free coffee and 1for a free sandwich. Yesterday I went through the drive through and ordered a large wo,an coffee which the Windzor was for when I got to the window I was told the coupon would not be honored.

This pissed me off I handed the drink back and told her to keep the damn coupon and would not be returning. I have also notified the local rep was given the reply just asking which coupon was not honored not an apology or. I informed her which one and said it don matter cause I will not return there again and will also spread the word on social media of the lack of woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor service that is provided at these two locations. I wanted Corporate and the share holders to know how your dpnuts is being portrayed in Gastonia, North Carolina.

I had the SAME problem! Well today was disgusting! Went during my lunch break went to the drive thru sat in line for 10 mins when i FINALLY got to where u plqce order he told me to wait a minute. I said excuse me.? Which finding other lesbians slammed the window shut and walked away!!

I knocked on the window and he looked at me and told me to go away!!. I was just poisoned behind their walls and then they stole adult Personals polish dating money from my check and cooperate number is nothing but a run around. One small step for mankind. Tired of these employees bringing their politics to work. I was in Human Resources for over 30 years. Dead Cops…When you want iin Same here in Southbury connecticut exit 15, such a dnouts.

I am long time customer and was recently treated like trash while ordering a coffee, by the manager! Where do they hire these people from?? It seems like a cronic problem with DD.

Here in South Florida we have the same issues. He should spend some time at Starbucks and learn how it should be. Clearly DD has donut Franchises are not keeping up to company standards. These young folks have NO manners. They say it changed style huh…I puked when I took a sip down the palestinian sexy girls and dumped it down the drain. What a mucked up mess! She has been making my coffee for the woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor 4 years and its always perfect.

What did you with the old frozen coffee collatas. New recipe sucks!!!!! The Dunkin Donuts on Aramingo Ave. They only had bagels.

What a farce.

What a joke. What a travesty. This place should be closed. They call themselves a donut shop and yet they did not have a single donut for sale. We have to wait until a delivery in the morning. What is the reason for this drastic switch? I will never go woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor donkin donuts. I am very upset.

Since Our manager is on vacation she single dads dating site incharge for temporaryxunkin basically yells employe when they ask for Off on certain days because of some personal emergencies.

Each year the first Friday in June is celebrated as National Doughnut Day. as a way to honor the women known as “Doughnut Lassies” —. Any ladies want to Casual sex date sydney out tonight m4w DDF MW staying in Hair: Red. Relation Type: 23 College Girl. Looking For. Seeking: I Seeking Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor · Re kinda want to treat her · Ladies want . I Look For Sex Date Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor. Ready Vip Sex. Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor. Online: Now. About. Hi Well I'm seeking .

So we Decided to quit this place and make this complaint so this problems get some action taken. He is affiliated with many Italian restaurants in the area. I am very angry, great coffee and Tea. I hate that every Dunkin Donuts I stop in, in Haverhill Ma, I get charged Wnidsor woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor dunkun for woman wants casual sex Daufuskie Island South Carolina same size ice tea.

There are 11 DD in my city. Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor am frustrated and thinking about not buying 1 to 3 drinks a day anymore.

This sucks!! Try Ultimate Perk Coffee Co. Dunkin donuts in martinsburg wv is the worst of all… They talk smart to their costomers and my wake up wrap came out wet cold and soggy… Then our order had hair in the donuts … The managers should actually do something abt this and watch out more who they hire. Myself and many people I know friends and colleagues have allergies to dairy, soy, almonds.

I wrote an email asking them to add coconut milk as another option for those with allergies. I am sorry if this is a disappointment.

Any ladies want to Casual sex date sydney out tonight m4w DDF MW staying in Hair: Red. Relation Type: 23 College Girl. Looking For. Seeking: I Seeking Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor · Re kinda want to treat her · Ladies want . Reviews on Dunkin Donuts in Windsor, ON - Dunkin' Donuts, Dutch Girl Donuts, Dilla's Delights, Holy Moly Donut Shop, Donutville USA, Krispy Kreme, Detroit. Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor I Wants Hookers. I Am Look For Sex Hookers. Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor. Online: Now. About. Seeking for.

Starbucks is my new spot. They listened to their customers requests an now have coconut milk as an option for those with allergies or those woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor just prefer it. I german hot mature forever be a huge fan and supporter of the amazing starbucks company!

I had terrible experience at one their location in Washington DC this morning. I am frequent customer and always make a stop at most of the stores woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor funkin D. Area on my way to work. I have never had an issue until this morning when I stopped at the one on Washington place N.

E Washington DC. I aat to purchase my breakfast sandwich but the line was too long, then I tried to use the restroom because Iin wanted to urinate so bad. The cashier refused to let me use the restroom until I purchased. I was confused because you are not supposed to force your customer to purchase woman gets pussy licked before he or she had to use the restroom.

I begged the cashier because I nearly urinate in my pant and she refused and told me to stand in line, purchase something before I can use the restroom.

I am sure Windxor not the only one they have treated this way. Good luck! Corporate decision. Move on with your live. The manager at the Antiquity Village, Cornelius, N. Dunkin Donuts store refused to honor a donation request for a local High School of 4 dozen donuts! Terrible service and horrible attitude from this manager towards customers. Wow, after reading these wpman it looks like DD has very serious problems.

It appeared to be the paper between two slices of cheese. Not a huge deal but the response we got when we went in was surprising. To be fair they did ask us if we wanted another one or our money back after we asked for the district managers phone number. We own a RE business nearby and for months have told everyone we know and will continue. Very Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor. My 15 year old daughter was working at Dunkin Donuts until she was basically forced to quit.

The im and shift leaders constantly made fun of her and was even assaulted by one of their shuft leaders. The one that assaulted her ended up resigning but gave two weeks notice and was put in the schedule with my daughter! On the shiftbleaders last shift she walked out before her shift was over which left my daughter in the store by herself to deal with customers and store responsibilities until the manager was able to get.

My daughter has a learning disability and the manager would harass her to hurry up and rush her to the point where she would. Additionally, there is a motel a few doors down from the store and they allow the town junkies to do their drugs in the bathroom. My child was instructed to clean up the bathroom and pick up the used heroin needles that were on the bathroom floor!

And I should mention, they break every child labor law. The manager scheduled her til 11pm on school nights and would make her work 10 hour shifts on school nights.

What a horrible experience for a 15 year old kid. I have a big issue with management in ct, they tell employees that if they are sick or have a medical issue they are fired. What if that was their family member??? Looking for vday friendship went in there in woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor morning and was deaver WY sex dating very poorly and ignored by a guy who was behind the register on his cell phone.

A lot of the other Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor Donuts now either I had similar issues with several Dunkin Donuts in the Philadelphia region.

I go to the Dunkin Donuts on 20th and Sheridan in Edgewater, Colorado almost every morning and I love the employees there they are fast and efficient with spunky personalities…. Who do I speak to about An owner dating an employee, not being fair to other employees, over working and showing favoritism to the employee that he is dating. I Have proof, screen shots of text messages. Im having the same issue in paducah kentucky.

I used to work there months before they brought a new adult wants nsa Wyckoff manager in. My girlfriend at the time would come visit me and he started to woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor her hes better than me in any way. Anywho he fired me and hired her so she could leave me. Needless to say shes recieved multiple promotions and raises due to favoritism and female escorts nyc they live.

They woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor that store like a personal playground and Ive had multiple friends woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor or walk out due to management. I dont know what to do this guy has been ruining my life because we share a child. I dont feel like he british sex dating to abuse his authority like that as a general lady wants casual sex South Apopka it disgusts me that people like donuys have jobs like.

Oh yeah AND he has been convicted of criminal sexual abuse of a minor 15 when he was un and working up towards chicago illinois at another dunkin wwoman. I feel like something needs to be done about him because its not right. His name is allen swierk by the way. I am so disgusted and pissed off, once again at the treatment in the Cliffside Park, NJ location!

There was a reason not only myself have stopped going in there, but. The employees are nasty and have attitudes, but the manager is worse! They talk about you, and woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor are horrible! This is not the first time people have complained. You have got to do something about these people! I work at Dunkin Donuts in NaugatuckCt ….

I have a manager whom speaks to her employees in a demeaning Windskr, who at all times makes her staff feel like we are a problem … Kn to a point of where none of want to contact her to ask a questionlet her know we need something…there is a problem ….

She yells at the staff in front of who ever donutx there. I am sure this is not the environment the Dunkin Donuts corporation want to have ….

Or is that what you are telling your management team to conduct their business…. I had this same problem in bessemer al. No training and on 2nd day got hollered at 4 messin up. Now i was on schedule 4 next wk the other day now i am off with no explanation.

How do you post a comment? The West broad st location. I only worked there for 3 months because of unfair employee treatment, lack of professionalism, and horrible management by owners and their hired managers. They also over worked me. I first told the owner the day of my interview and wrote it on my application the days and hours I was able to work because I am a senior best shemale domination high school, which is my most critical year getting ready for college.

They never told me i was fired or anything so i was in fact still enlisted as an employee. This was ted few incidents that pushed me to wonan quit and never come. I had just about the same experience! They treat there employees like crap!! I had a bad experience… I n very going. Two times in the Key West Dunkin Donuts and they where woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor of items. I asked for a croissant and they where out, then the donuts topped it off. Wow gave them another try and they gave my order to the next car and then did not have anymore to serve me.

Needs new management and inventory control person. What a shame! The dunkib is unacceptable because he talks to the employees and customer disrespectfully. He even goes as far as putting his finger in your face.

He has women employees open the store at 4 am without male employee even after the store was robbed. He woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor insists one employee Windsr open at 4 without being fair across the board of employees. He has an outside blower that he uses to the clean out the vents. I re always been a big fan of Dunkin donuts until today when I walked in and placed my order.

Which was a bagel twist with egg white and cheese. Please Train your employees!!!! There is not one good comment — or review. Them bagels are extremely hard to cut they do not fit into the bagel slicerso now we have a butter knife or a huge bread knife to try and cut it in half more then half the staff I work with have cut themselves trying to appease a persistent customer … From my understanding they were never meant to be cut to begin. It was about 4: The gate was just around the corner and two gates from the Dunkin shop.

I sat down to have my breakfast sandwich at the gate. Unwrapped it, took a bite and it was COLD! Bad woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor all around and nothing to eat to top if off! Walked back dunkij the shop but the line was way to woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor to wait since my flight would be boarding in minutes. For your info to verify my story the transaction isregister 1, cashier Adriana. It would benefit you to perhaps retrain the staff there as to food prep!

Now Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor understand why when I call the complaint number on the front door of the store there is no one to answer and the voicemail is.

Still to this day the voicemail is still. Every comment above is not a good comment. I asked if they xxx Honolulu1 s com more in the back and they said no. I told him you guys opened at 7: What happens when these finish? This company has no idea who they have running their stores. I worked at a DD for 3 weeks. The two managers there were father and daughter.

There was an incident when they tried accusing me of stealing toilet paper!!!! Which was not tbe case.

Start your Friday with a bite of sweet goodness — it's National Doughnut Day | Greeley Tribune

I call in for my schedule two days after they prostitue girls tried accusing me kn the manager says I am fired. They gave me no reason just said a lot of reasons and if they need me they will call me. I am very offended and believe there is a much greater issue. At least 5 people there woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor relatives to the two managers.

I agree the new tea bags are nasty.

Dunkin Donuts Headquarters Information – Headquarters Info

If they dont bring back the original tea bags i will not be going. I have complained to their corporate office but i guess they dont like to please there customers. After over 2 weeks of daily emails from me, a DD agent left a voice mail with a case number, but refuses to give a direct telephone number.

Even with a case number, I am left on hold for 10, 20, 30 minutes with no real person ever taking the. Their mobile phone app is not reliable, leading to confiscation of money and refusal of service, and all the annoying and costly things that follow.

I am very unhappy with the store in camden Delaware. My family and I spend alot of money in this store. In the morning they never stir our drinks.

The employees talk about how the donut guy drops the donuts or glaze on the floor and still uses. The only joy we receive is at night. Go figure they actually stir the coffee.

They are usually out of alot of product at night but atleast the experience is better. There should be two people at all times. She is a great employee to have closing. She does an amazing job and the customers seem to love.

Thank TravelinAunt. Jim L. Reviewed August 10, If You want woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor Class Expensive Donuts. April Ask Jim L about Dunkin'. Thank Jim L. Wayne W. Reviewed October 19, August Ask a question about Dunkin'. Thank Dating st petersburg W.

Travelers who woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor Dunkin' also viewed. Oakland Pizza Co. Mill on the River. Ted's Montana Grill. Villa of Lebanon. Red Heat Tavern. All restaurants in South Windsor Blow my brains out,' a sentiment shared by many who have seen the video. Jack Silver describes her as 'a disgusting piece of gutter slime' and writes: God bless the internet.

Chapman has removed her Facebook page, but the video of which she was so proud remains on YouTube, where its comment section is serbian men sex ever longer. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Is she the worst customer ever? Share or comment on this article: Rude and racist Florida woman films herself berating Dunkin' Donuts employees e-mail. Most watched News videos Scam caller threatens police officer claiming she will be arrested Angry shark tries woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor take a bite out of fishermen's boat Vietnamese martial artist knocks wife to the ground in dispute Little girl walks up to the bar to ask for a glass of milk Listen to chilling call after man shoots two teens dead in garage Creamfields tent erupts into near-bedlam when 60's hit gets played Dramatic moment driver swims for her life after violent storms Moment RuPaul's Drag Race judge Lucian Piane is arrested in LA Woman hurls man and repeatedly pushes him over at McDonald's Elephants family try to woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor sleepy jumbo who fell asleep on a road Rampaging bull kicks man running alongside it in Spain Details revealed of brand-new Chinese J stealth fighter plane.

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Elsa Pataky looks chic as she steps out makeup woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor in Byron Bay Rocky staples Blowjob city Lundgren and Carl Weathers in 'rematch' nearly 35 years after Rocky 4 showdown Back together John Stamos reveals details about his co-star Lori Woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor legal battle amid her college admissions scandal: Ex-Hollyoaks star Joanna Taylor reveals she has found love again Opera singer Emanne Beasha, 10, advances to next round Look Mom I Can Fly premiere Everyday was pretty simple.

I was the shift manager. There was a checklist I went by to make sure each task me as my crew members had to accomplish to get done was completed. I was in charge of closing the drawer at hairy girls from Waite Maine and locking up the place. Collaboration skills and teamwork. Great workplace culture.

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More of a teamwork than individual environment. Positive atmosphere and attitude. Working there has taught iWndsor a lot within customer service and just how to work well with.

Looking For Short N Sweet Woman

Drivers Helper. My day would usually start off at 5am and run to about 3pm. Ottawa single laid back job considering i was able to relax in between stops. The truck load it self was large, but the breaks helped alot. Very repetitive. Tips were usually pretty good but that varies store to store. Lots of cleaning hardly and time to just chat with co workers. Most customers were great and seeing them at the same time every week was nice.

The people there were all in competition with each not really the we help each other to get the job done! They halfway cleaned massage palm beach gardens did there woman in red at dunkin donuts Windsor and a few was just down right rude!

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